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Clivia miniata cultivars

Seed Selections 1

Clivia miniata citrina

Please remember: Clivia seedlings vary considerably, especially the pastel and white cultivars.
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Standard yellow Clivia
Full heads of open flowers

Clivia miniata citrina
Clivia miniata citrina
Standard yellow Clivia 5 seeds 2.00

The new Tulip Series in 5 different colours
Heads with upright tulip shaped flowers

Clivia 'Yellow Tulip'
'Yellow Tulip'
coming soon

yellow   New Dawn    New Dawn
The New Dawn series

was selected over many years from our initial breeding done on the yellow clivias back in 1976.  This vigorous free flowering selection is very reliable

3 seeds for 6.00

Clivia Butterball Series
6 Selections

The dark yellow Butterball selection emerged from New Dawn about 1994 and produces a darker, rich yellow than we have seen anywhere else.

some of the flowers have 2 extra petals
Coming soon
Clivia Butterball
Dark yellow open flowers
3 seeds for 6.00

Clivia Butterball 'Star' (no photo)
Dark yellow open star flowers, medium size plants
3 seeds for 6.00

Clivia Butterball 'Sunrise'
Clivia Butterball 'Sunrise'
Large bright yellow open flowers on strong plants
3 seeds for 8.00
Clivia Butterball 'Supreme'
Large broad petal, dark yellow flowers
3 seeds for 10.00
Clivia  'Butterbaby'
Clivia 'Butterbaby'
Dark yellow flowers on a more
dwarf compact plant
3 seeds for 8.00

Coming soon
Snowball Series
4 Selections

The near white selections also emerged some 8 years ago, often opening a light cream and aging to white. True white Clivias are very rare. We offer seeds of the nearest white.

See also Clivia variegata 'Blanca' and 'White Tulip'

Early Snow
'Early Snow'
Wide open, starry, near white
flowers, medium size
3 seeds for 6.00
Broad petal, open flowers
medium size flower heads
3 seeds for 10.00
Clivia 'Snowcap'
Large flowers on large flower heads
3 seeds for 10.00

Important Notice

Please check with your Department of Agriculture on your country's import requirements. A phyto certificate is required in most countries for plants and bulbs, but sometimes only for large consignments.

For large amounts of seed please add:

  • Postage per 100g (100 seeds ~ 100g)    10.00     
  • Phyto sanitary certificate 40.00 each

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