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Clivia miniata cultivars

Seed Selections 2

Clivia miniata Selections

Please remember: Clivia seedlings vary considerably, especially the pastel and white cultivars. Limited stocks available.
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Pastel coloured Clivias

Clivia 'Pure Heart'
Clivia 'Pure Heart' coming soon
Clivia miniata
'Candy' coming soon
A tulip Clivia with budshape flowers

See tulip shaped Clivias

Peach bouquet
'Peach bouquet'
Clivia miniata

Clivia Pastel Serenity Series
Considerable variation is possible.

5 Seeds 4.00

Medium size, broad petal flowers
5 Seeds 5.00
Large open flowers with large petals and large flower heads
5 Seeds 6.00
Open star, large flowers
5 Seeds 6.00
Open star flower, medium size
5 Seeds 6.00

Pastel selection Clivia miniata pastels Pastel selection

Red Clivias

Clivia miniata red to dark orange

Very dark orange to red flowers can be expected.

3 seeds for 5.00
Red Tulip
'Red Tulip'
3 seeds for 5.00

'Orange Tulip'.
Our new tulip shaped Clivias
of different colours: orange, red,
yellow, white and pastel.
Clivia 'Picotee'
3 seeds for 9.00
'Sangria' Coming soon
New Red
'New Red'
3 Seeds 5.00
Cape Red
'Cape Red'
3 Seeds 5.00
New Tuba
'New Tuba'
Shooting Star
'Shooting Star'
Clivia miniata dark orange to red
3 seeds for 5.00
Clivia miniata dark orange
3 Seeds 5.00

'Orange Belgian'

Broad leaf dwarf with dark orange flowers.
3 seeds for 2.00

Clivia Red Dwarf Clivia 'Orange Belgian'

Clivia miniata variegata 'Lutea'
Clivia variegata 'Lutea'
3 seeds for 12.00
Clivia miniata variegata
Clivia variegata 'Rubida'
3 seeds for 12.00

Clivia variegata 'Blanca'
3 seeds for 12.00
Clivia variegata 'Tangerine'
3 seeds for 12.00
Variegated Clivias
Seeds give a wide range of possible outcome, and only a certain percentage will develop broad yellow or white bands. Some seedlings start green and become variegated when older.
Limited stock

3 seeds for 12.00

Important Notice

Please check with your Department of Agriculture on your country's import requirements. A Phyto certificate is required in most countries for plants and bulbs, but sometimes only for large consignments.

For large amounts of seed please add:

  • Postage per 100g (100 seeds ~ 100g)   10 .00     
  • Phyto sanitary certificate 40.00 each

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