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Exciting new Clivias and other plants   See the whole range of tulip shaped and greenish Clivias. See also New photos 2007

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'Orange Tulip'
Clivia 'Lime cordial'
Clivia 'Lime cordial'
Clivia nobilis F 2 hybrid
Clivia 'Apricot Whirl '
Clivia 'Apricot Whirl'
Clivia nobilis F 2 hybrid
some of the flowers have 2 extra petals
Clivia 'Pure Heart'
Clivia 'Pure Heart'
Clivia miniata
Salmon Bells
Clivia 'Salmon Bells'
The F2 generation with an
extra dose of C. miniata
Moraea aristata
Morea aristata,
beautiful with "freckles"
Wisteria Bonsai -click to enlarge
Wisteria Bonsai
20 year old plants
Oxalis 'pompom'
Oxalis 'pompom'

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