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Indigenous plants, seeds and bulbs

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We currently have:
'White Clivias' known as the 'Snowball Series', 
Very 'Dark Yellows' selections, known as the 'Butterball Series' plus others.
Seeds available. Stocks are limited, so contact us now.

Early Snow
'Early Snow'
Wide open, starry, near white
flowers, medium size
Broad petal, open flowers
medium size flower heads
Clivia 'Snowcap'
Large flowers on large flower heads

We are located near Stellenbosch in the Cape, South Africa.

Clivia miniata var citrinaCape Seed are breeders and propagators of South African plants, especially Clivias and bulbs

Chameleon on Ceropegia saundersiiIn 1975 we started breeding with the then rare Clivia miniata Citrina, first found in Eshowe Zululand, in the late 1800's.

This led up to the development of some of the first viable clones of yellow Clivia's. These were distributed world-wide, creating considerable interest.

Through some 8 generations of in-breeding, and selections, we now offer seeds and plants of numerous selections including; 'white Clivias' known as the 'Snowball Series', and the very 'Dark Yellows' selections, known as the 'Butterball Series' plus others.

With an eye for something different, we specialize in the unusual, growing rare and unusual bulbs such as the Worsleya and the Paramongaia.

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