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The winter rainfall area of South Africa boasts the largest number of the world's Iris genera. Of the over 65 genera worldwide, 46 occur naturally in South Africa.

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Iris ensata Hesperantha coccinea (Berg lily) pink Dierama medium
Iris ensata
'Japanese water iris'
Dr Hiro visited me in 1978 and
gave me some of his hybrids.
These we have grown on and a
selection of singles & doubles are now available. Flowers to 18cm across & 1.2m tall.
See also White form
Hesperantha coccinea
(Berg lily) pink
Dierama medium 'Fairybells'
Sun loving, free flowering, evergreen,
with purple flowers in summer. 50cm tall. Hardy.
Watsonia cape shell Gladiolus alatus
Watsonia 'Cape shell'
Click for Watsonia Gallery!
Gladiolus alatus
choice & rare

Miniature spring flowering and winter growing.Flowers 4-5 cm and often flowers under 20cm tall. Full sun.
Gladiolus alatus
Rare miniature with fragrant
flowers.15 cm tall. Spring
Geisorrhiza monanthos
Geissorhiza monanthos
Geisorrhiza splendidissima
Geissorhiza splendidissima
Geissorhiza splendidissima
Geissorhiza splendidissima
Geisorrhiza radians
G radians
G tulbaghensis
G tulbaghensis
Chinese 'Raspberry lily'
Summer flowering perennial 60cm tall.
full sun. cold hardy and
winter dormant.

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