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Dear customers
The availability of our plants fluctuates and we can't promise that all items listed here are always available. We sell on a first come first serve basis.
You can order by letter, telephone, fax and e-mail message. We suggest to copy the printable plant list into an e-mail message and mark your choice by the number of units you want to order. We offer a discount on large orders.
All prices are listed in - Pounds Sterling.   Currency converter   Plant material for export usually requires a Phyto-sanitary Certificate.
South African customers: Please enquire information on our special offers and prices in Rand.

List of all available plants

Printable lists:
All available plants   Clivia plants and seeds   Oxalis

Information to overseas customers:
Plant material for export usually requires a Phyto-sanitary Certificate. This certificate will be arranged by us and costs 40. One certificate usually covers all the items in a given order. Small amounts of seed will not require this certificate.
To meet the Phyto- sanitary requirements the leaves and roots of many items need to be cut back, some items that travel well such as clivias are sent intact.
Please check if an import permit is required by your country, a green sticker from the US Department of Agriculture may be required by our American customers for some items, excluding clivias.
For large amounts of seed please add:  Postage per 100g (100 seeds ~ 100g) 10.00

Telephone: +27 72 507 0030
Postal Address: Cape Seed
PO Box 6363
Stellenbosch 7612
South Africa

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