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Very rare
Lantern shaped orange-yellow flowers
Ixia viridiflora, click for enlargement Ixia viridiflora
Very rare & unique!
'Green ixia'
approx. 90cm tall, late spring flowering from the SW Cape. Makes a good cut flower and retains its colour if dried or pressed.
Stapelia gigantea
Stapelia gigantea
A succulent with enormous flowers,
corolla has a diameter of up to 400mm

Worsleya (blue Amaryllis)
Worsleya (blue Amaryllis)
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Hippeastrum papilio Hippeastrum papilio Neomarica caerulea
Very rare Spectacular blue amaryllis from Southern Brazil Hippeastrum papilio Neomarica caerulea
  'Butterfly amaryllis'
This rare plant from Brazil is the most beautiful of all the species, said to be extinct in nature. One of the parent plants of modern hybrids. It tends to be evergreen and flowers in late summer and again in spring.
Rare, beautiful & choice
Irid from Brazil
Showy summer flowers. 1.2m tall in sun or shade.

Pelargonium kaffrum
Pelargonium kaffrum

No pelargoniums available at the moment

Pelargonium kaffrum
Rare.Evergreen flowering in summer & spring. Underground tuberous roots and fine lacy foliage. 35cm tall.

Pelargonium bowkerii
Rare Evergreen with fine lacy flower & leaves. Spring flowering to 20cm tall with tuberous underground roots.

Pelargonium transvaalensis
Rare sp. with basiel crowns. Multi branching flowers during summer & dormant during winter. 25cm tall.

Ceropegia saundersii Ceropegia ampliata Sobralia macrantha
Ceropegia saundersii
See also Chameleon on Ceropegia saundersii
Ceropegia ampliata Sobralia macrantha

Rare, evergreen climber flowering year round. Possibly the largest of all ceropegia flowers. Sun to semi-shade. "Choice & bizarre!" Rare
'Bushman's pipe' Leafless climber to 1m.
Evergreen perennial flowers en masse through summer. Sun to semi-shade.
Choice 'Bamboo Orchid' The easiest & showiest of orchids thriving in semi-shade. Can withstand very low temperatures without damage, but doesn't want to freeze. Large showy flowers Dec - Jan, evergreen.


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